Business assignment? New markets? Apartment for a week, month or more?

You are an entrepreneur starting a new business abroad or a business professional assigned on a new business development strategy task? Or you are looking for a secure, hassle-free and convenient accommodation solution for your corporation needs? We know what is needed. And we have provided it all. By all we mean all. Check out our Comfort page to see how we understand the meaning of comfort and why we want you to dive in this sublime experience while working on your business.

Escape the confines of a hotel. Enjoy the freedom and privacy of a vacational rental.


Depending on your specific requirements, needs and business variables we will be designing a bespoke special offer for you, your company or corporation. Stay in a fully furnished AuroraVie apartment right in the city center or in your desired location – equipped with all you need!


Fully furnished apartments available for just 1 month or as long as you need! A lot of business travelers have chosen AuroraVie Apartments for their preferred corporate accommodation. All our apartments are equipped with a Private Working Space, LED TV with international channels, Memory Foam Mattresses, Relaxing Corner and ultra fast FREE WiFi.


We can accommodate not only your team but also – your business needs! We offer both short and long term accommodation options at all our location, from just one night up to a year or more. It’s not business, it’s a personal service!

Want to Get an Offer for a Business Accommodation?