Showers with Tropical Rain Effect & Massage Functions

Our short term holiday apartments in Varna are equipped with Showers that offer the experience of the Tropical Rain Effect while you are enjoying your time under the shower. They offer various shower experiences which massage or otherwise stimulate the skin. They can be set to different temperatures, generate clouds of vapour, or mimic showers of rain. Fascinating light effects provide a feast for the eyes. A cold shower gets your cardiovascular system going again after a sauna or a sunny day at the beach, stimulates your circulation and prepares your body for the relaxation phase to follow.

Working Desks

Private Working Spaces with Fast WiFi (100 Mbps – 1000 Mbps), Comfortable Desks and Storage Space.


Cozy & comfortable  relaxation or reading areas that can make you make the most of your Home Experience.


Natural green parks, gardens, threes and green landscape. In addition to removing pollution, trees and green spaces also use carbon dioxide (CO2) to create food, taking it out of the atmosphere and helping to reduce climate change. In cities, air pollution from cars and industry can reach dangerous levels for the residents.

Sound-proof walls

Additioanl Internal Sound-Proof Insulation CELENINT of the Highest Standards and Construction procedures. Your privacy first.

Quality sleep

Pressure Point Relief, Anti Bacterial, Temperature Self Adjustment, Cooling Gel, Memory Foam Mattresses of very high standard. No compromise with the quality of your sleep.

Internal Insulation

Internal Sound-Proof Insulation Mustwall & Knauf for additional privacy and personal comfort. Those additional extras will make you ugrade your understadnig of Home-like feelings.

High-class windows systems

Softline 82, the most modern system of PVC windows. 7 isolation chambers in the frame and 7 isolation chambers in the sash. Еxcellent thermal insulation final value for each window (Uw up to 0,67 W/m2K) is achieved by an unique multichamber geometry, enabling you to save on energy costs and have an outstanding sound-proof.

External Roller Shutters

Exterior high-class Aluminium Roller Shutters with Polyurethane. Complete privacy, black-out effect and noice insulation. Your privacy and comfrot first.

External Thermo Insulation

All the properties are fitted with External Facade Thermal Insulation of very high-class and materials. Helping you achive optimal energy and heating balance in your home. During all the four seasons.